It’s a two pump day

Monday was a beautiful day. The sun came out after rain, which we needed badly. The mood was good, people were smiling. Andrew and Olivia were preparing to seed cover crops all over the farm. We are anticipating rainfall on Tuesday so Monday is the key day to spread rye and clover seed. This is a big deal because we all know it is a huge step in taking care of the soil, preventing soil erosion, and adding carbon from the atmosphere to the soil.

Meanwhile, Benjamin and his friend Rayshed were harvesting restaurant orders, and encountered one challenge after another. The cilantro was damaged, the salad turnips were too big or too small. Then the water stopped flowing. What?? Sean checked everything out, and determined the pump was dead. No worries, we have a backup pump! He pulled the old, dead pump out, and put the backup pump down the well. He hooked it up, it turned on, made a noise, but it didn’t pump any water. Now we’re trying not to panic. Tomorrow is our biggest harvest day of the week, and we have 10 people living on the farm who need to cook, wash, and drink. I called David, who was building displays at the Market: “I think you better buy another pump.”

Sarah harvesting red peppers in grape field Photo: Kara
Peeking through the hedgerow at Grape Field where peppers and eggplants are growing Photo: Kara
Rayshed and Benjamin harvesting cilantro
Beorange tomato harvest Photo: Kara
Olivia pouring rye cover crop seed into the chest spreader, while Andrew is preparing the field in the background
An area of land prepared for cover crop seeding between two rows of black tuscan kale
Olivia’s father, Russ the Master Gardener, came to the farm to help out when Olivia and Andrew were preparing land for cover crop seeding. Photo: Andrew?
Russ preparing land for cover crop seeding. Thanks Russ!! Photo: Olivia
Kara is always trying to organize and tidy. Here she’s preparing a pad for storing containers. She’s making great strides on a farm that is often busy and chaotic! Photo: Sarah
This is what ginger is supposed to look like. Unfortunately, most of our ginger crop did not grow this well. Photo: Eli
Andrew and Olivia having a chuckle as they prepare to seed a cover crop. Photo: Sarah
Knives and clippers in the wash-pack Photo: Eli
Sometimes the sky just blows your mind

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