Giving Thanks

The last 4 years have been like a roller coaster, with Hurricane Dorian in 2019, then the pandemic in ’20 and ’21, and inflation and Hurricane Fiona in ’22. I’m sure many people are keen for a time of less drama and fewer hard decisions to make.

I went around the farm today and asked folks what they are grateful for. I’ll share some of the responses below:

  • Having a job where I am working under the sky is amazing, even though right now I’m working in the barn basement 🙂
  • Just to be here
  • This morning during the harvest, watching the mist rise to reveal the colours in the trees
  • Crisp fall mornings; the drive here this morning was so amazing
  • I still have a field tunnel and barn standing after Fiona; also a cozy fire in the wood stove this morning
  • Being around people who are so positive
  • Being surrounded by supportive friends
  • Supportive husband and happy puppy
  • The sun came out and it’s getting warm
  • I’m impressed with how much the farm team is taking ownership and responsibility for the business
  • I went for a bike ride last night and realized I live in a truly beautiful area
  • Fresh, healthy food and great people to eat it with; salamanders, earthworms, and songbirds; places to go swimming nearby; the wonder of nature, stars, soil; a partner who is willing to love and challenge me; the Holy Spirit working in my life; forgiveness; the grace of God; and Jesus, who died on the cross to save us.
Colleen and Sean shovelling compost to use in the greenhouse
Radicchio tomato salad with green sauce is a favourite around the farm. The green sauce is made with a combination of rosemary, parsley, basil, dill, cilantro, lemon juice, garlic, and salt. So healthy! We have it with almost every meal, using whatever green herbs we have on hand.
On the way up to the pasture field to take soil samples, we met Eli coming down with her seeding kit in tow. We decided together where samples needed to be taken.
Rosemary is so easy to dry. Put it in a basket in your house (not in the sun), and it will dry to a nice dark green. Strip the stems and put the dried leaves in a jar for use in the kitchen. We keep the jars in a drawer so they are not exposed to light. We dry several jars worth every year to use in a number of meals. One of our favourites is we’ll grind the leaves in a spice grinder and add the powder to fried croutons, or pizza, or a tomato sauce.
This is significant! Sean added a pressure tank and switch to the drilled well so it can be used for different applications. We hope the next thing he’s going to do is automate irrigation jobs.
Witch hazel blooming. These flowers are easy to miss! The twigs can be boiled and resulting water used to apply to sunburns for healing. I always keep some in the freezer.
The tomatoes growing in the compost corral are so good!
Kale on the right, leeks on the left, cover crop coming up in the middle. Cogmagun River at sunset

One thought on “Giving Thanks

  1. Hello friends,
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful expressions of thanksgiving from the folks at Abundant Acres! So heartening!
    Despite the trials and tribulations of the past couple of years, so many of us do, indeed, have much for which to give God thanks!

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