I was doing my farm run, at dusk, minding my own business. In middle field, where all the field tunnels are, I noticed a funny-looking bird. No, it was a bat. Very surreal, as I haven’t seen a bat here for about 7 years. It was flying around, flapping its distinctive wings, reminding me very much of a cartoon bat. Just in time for Halloween! I hope to see more moving in soon.

I also discovered the beautiful song of white throated sparrows hanging around the barn. I can hear them especially in the early morning. A little encouragement each day as we move into fall and winter work. They have very stunning bright yellow eyebrows and a neat white collar on the front of their neck.

As some other farms prepare to wind down for a winter rest, we are winding up to keep producing all winter. Our fields are full of hardy crops like celery, daikon, kale, and leeks. The greenhouses are full of herbs, and tender greens. The cover crops are covering the soil with rich, emerald green rye and clover. It’s been a heck of a season and we thank all those who have come on the ride with us.

Farm team in October just before Karina had to leave for her job in Montreal. Front from left: Olivia, Karina, Kara. Back from left: Andrew, Jen, Eli, Sarah, Rachel, David, Benjamin. Photo by Sean
Farm team in May: Front, from left: Sarah, Eli, Jen, Kara. Back from left: Capitu, Rachel, Isabel, Colleen, David, Andrew, Olivia. Photo by Marshall
Sunset, middle field. This is the location of the bat sighting. Photo by Kara
Hello winter crops! From left, chard, winterbor kale, lettuce, white russian kale, parsley, lettuce, rosemary and thyme. Photo by Karina
Harvest farm lunch. Purple nappa and red pepper salad, cilantro and green onion, kimchi, and kimchi beef soup
Mustards. Photo by Eli
Clover pathway between rows of peppers in Grape field. Photo by Kara
We have an esteemed visitor this week! Robin Johnston was helping me learn how to bunch onions, and we had a fun time talking shop.
Strips of cover crops growing between rows of kale and leeks in Fox field. We’ll be harvesting these until late December or January.
Spinach and lettuce growing up for late fall harvest in middle field
David is making fermented hot sauce with all the amazing hot peppers and leeks
We’re working on a way to store and transport rebar and t-posts used for trellising. Using the pallet allows us to move them around with the forks on the tractor.

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