Gift season is upon us and people have started asking for gift cards. We made our own old fashioned gift cards (see photo above). They can be purchased at the Warehouse Market (2867 Isleville St, North-End Halifax), or online on our website under the gift card tab. Once it is paid for with an email transfer, it will be available for the gift card recipient to pick up at the Market. The gift card can be redeemed for anything sold at the Market, with no expiry date.

Talking about gifts, we’ve seen people give farm shares for a wedding present, graduation present, Christmas present, or a ‘moving to Halifax’ present! 2023 farm shares are also available online. Sign up here. We are also offering subsidized farm shares through Schools Plus for families in need. If you would like to contribute, go to the sign up page as well.

In other winter news, we have harvested the storage leeks and daikon. The 2 for $5 kale sale in November was so popular, we’ve extended it into December. We are still harvesting kale, spinach, rosemary, collards, brussels sprouts, parsnips, and outrageous amounts of broccoli outside. Inside the field tunnels and greenhouses, we are harvesting lots of beautiful greens like arugula, baby kale, chard, salad, and mustard mixes. Having fresh local greens available all year round is such an amazing gift.

Best wishes to you all! The day length will be starting to get longer soon.

Our dog, Hakurei, jumped up on Greg Morrow’s lap after lunch. From left, Nick, David, Greg, Melissa. Melissa Sheehy-Richards is our MLA, Greg is our Minister of Agriculture, and Nick is his assistant. They visited the farm on our harvest day and we invited them to join us for lunch
David is turning on the climate battery system to have warm, sunny air directed down into the soil (the heat ‘storage battery’). This system helps to moderate the temperature in the greenhouse all winter.
Andrew was prepared for a cold harvest day in the field
David is sweeping up at Market while Maddie is keeping the shelves stocked. I am guessing they just took a break for a dad joke
Rachel and Sarah harvesting spinach outside in December!
Leek harvest! It was very high tide by the time we were finished
We have rosemary plants available for sale at Warehouse Market. You can even hang ornaments on them
Look at that beautiful arugula! Colleen is an experienced winter harvester
We were a bit surprised by the vigorous growth of broccoli in November!
Eli will be selling wreaths in front of Warehouse Market on Saturday December 3 starting at 10am

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