Week 15: Crickets

IMG_0394In the pack this week, we expect to have broccoli or cabbage; onions; chard or kale; cherry tomatoes; large tomatoes; peppers; potatoes; beans; and apples or pears.  One of our customers pointed out that we were behind by a week, so this is Week 15, not Week 14.  Week 14 went off on a well-deserved vacation.

On the farm it seems that the crickets (or grasshoppers) have an opinion on just about everything.  We can’t have any conversation without them weighing in on the matter.

Victoria and Kevin are having a great time processing every kind of food they can.  They are moving back to Halifax and have only 2 weeks left at the farm.  We will miss them and so, apparently, will the crickets!  David and I (Jen) will be taking over at Produce Pack distributions for October and November.  We’re looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Victoria's latest artistic rendition of the Cogmagun River

Victoria’s latest artistic rendition of the Cogmagun River

We think a fox is getting into the laying hens and killing one or two every day.  I don’t know how it is getting through the electronet fence.  It is getting bold and attacking during the day.  I got advice from a farmer friend, so I hope to put a stop to it.

On the positive side, our veggie oil truck, Gertie, is running.  I’m not going to say too much though, because every time I boast about her, she breaks down!

Veggie oil truck.

Veggie oil truck.

Here are a few more photos from last week:


6:30 am farm crew meeting in the intern house. Hilary, David, Kevin, Victoria, Marshall, and Justin.


Kevin bunching leeks


Num num num!


Jasper tomatoes. Our favourite little red disease resistant tomato.


Cover crop workshop in Truro.  It is always good to connect with other farmers.


Misty morning