Phone Orders

If you would like to avoid going into the Warehouse Market, you can sign up for phone orders. (Click on the link to sign up)

This is how it works:

You sign up for the service, including your name and phone number. We call you and you can let us know what you want while we pull your items off the shelf or out of the cooler. Your order gets packed in a box, we tell you the total, and it goes in the black cooler trailer for pick up outside. You give us a call (902-817-8344) when you arrive at the Market, and someone will get it for you and deposit your box in the trunk of your car.

You send an e-transfer for the total to, and it is auto-deposited in the Warehouse Market account. No passwords required.

You can ask to include all Warehouse Market items in your order. This includes produce, meat, eggs, honey, bread, cheese etc. If you order frozen items, they will be packed in your box and stored at 4 degrees in the black trailer. Please try to pick up your order in a timely manner so the frozen items don’t thaw out.

We ask that people using this service not call us. We’ll call you 🙂

At this time we do not offer delivery of phone orders.