Week 22: Orange

sunbeamtractor22This week in the pack we expect to have carrots; kale; potatoes; herbs; small salad mix; nappa; sweet pepper; celery; broccoli; eggplant, or second broccoli, or parsnip; and apples.

This week on the farm was stunningly beautiful!  The mild temperatures have really helped vegetables grow.  Thanks Gonzalo!  We got most of our winter supply of firewood cut, split, and stacked.  Bruce started planting garlic.  We now have the root crop washer installed in the wash shed.  Must be time to harvest storage carrots.  The first batch of Nelson’s came out a phenomenally bright orange.

Rob and Janice Teale organized their annual apple cider pressing today.  It is the first time in many years that the weather was warm and inviting for this event.


Maggy the farm cat posing with freshly pressed apple cider

Here are some photos from this week:dashincoop22 broccoli22 calendula22 raingear22 janiceboys22 rye22 leeks22

See you all soon!

Jen, David, Bruce, Marshall, Benjamin, Lori, and Nadege