Week 15: Three weeks left!

The word for last week was RAIN.  Everything is sopping wet and I am looking forward to some drying sunshine.

This week we hope to have parsnips, squash, and ginger root (very exciting) as well as the carrots, greens, and herbs.  Last week we had MacIntosh apples.  This week we’ll have Cortlands.  We’ll dig the sweet potatoes soon.  Sweet potatoes have most sweetness and flavor after they cure for a couple of months.  But we want you to have them, so we will get them to you sometime over the next three weeks.  You can eat them right away or store them in newspaper and eat them closer to Christmas.  This week we will have the sweet potato greens for you because we got the low-down on how to harvest them and sell them from our friend Ishi from the Philippines.  There is always something new to learn!

We have assessed what we have in the field and it looks like we’ll have three more weeks of Produce Packs.  For Sackville and Seaforth, it ends October 9, and for Halifax it ends October 11.  We are also planning a special celebratory Open Farm Day on Saturday October 13th!  Stay tuned.  Although we are winding down Produce Packs for this year, we are planning to wind it up for next year.  More total weeks and more variety coming up!   To help us plan for next year, here is a gentle reminder to those who have not given us feedback yet.  Please take a moment to let us know your thoughts!  And thanks so much to those who have.  Our feedback page is here.

See you all soon!

J,D,B, and D