The white hen sitting on 9 eggs hatched out 8 cute little fluffy chicks today!  She immediately took them outside for a look around.  She encouraged them to eat and look for bugs.  I gave them yoghurt and boiled eggs which they loved.  

Here is a question I’ve wondered a lot about.  What is the best strategy for reproducing our chickens and geese?  We could let the mothers brood the eggs and raise the young.  We could collect the eggs and incubate them in the incubator, then raise them ourselves.  Or we could buy day-old chicks.  And finally we could buy ready-to-lay 6-month-old hens or adult geese.  I will do a blog post with a comparison soon.

I love seeing the hens raise their chicks, and on May 15 the goslings will likely hatch so I’ll see the goose raise her goslings.  I can’t wait!