Over the hump?

David asked me if we are ‘over the hump’ yet. It is usually a moment in the farming season when we are finished most of the soil preparation and summer transplanting, but not yet starting the fall and winter production. It usually coincides with the start of cricket song. We’ve started in on fall/winter crops, and the cricket chorus has definitely begun. I guess we’re over the hump, but it doesn’t feel like there’s any coasting downhill going on. Everyone is working hard and braving the heat and bugs to keep the flow of food from farm to Market happening.

The bullfrogs have also started and they are loud! All night they proclaim their presence from the edge of a series of ponds winding through the middle of the farm. The cedar waxwings are also set up around the ponds to eat mosquitoes (Yay!). Meanwhile, the tomatoes are coming on, and eggplants, and before long, peppers. This week we will have holy basil, or tulsi. I just tried some in the tomato soup we had at lunch and it was very special. Tulsi can also be used for tea. Since we are bringing it in fresh, feel free to smell it. It puts a smile of bliss on everyone’s face.

Ginger in foreground and Sydney harvesting greens with insect net in between and behind
It is basil pesto time!
Reba setting up the ‘imported organics’ side of the display at Warehouse Market
Zucchini! They grow fast, and we pick em fast, but the plants are prickly!!
Our immune systems and digestive systems sure appreciate all these greens
Brussel’s Sprouts in the evening light, with a few weeds.
Sungold tomatoes with two kinds of management. Basket weave on the left (which is much faster) and prune/trellis on the right (which so far seems to yield more tomatoes).
Garlic harvest next door at Fill Yer Boots Farm. The bulbs are big and beautiful!
Tulsi or holy basil — what a treat!
Sarah and Justin harvesting kale
Arugula protected with insect net
Fennel beside a cover crop pathway that was just mowed
This week we will start harvesting cabbages
David and Luke harvesting bok choi in the morning light