David and Jen have written a number of articles for Rural Delivery and The Canadian Organic Grower.  We have reproduced them here for you, along with some other articles of interest.  Click on the article title to download it.

Gold Island Bakery

Organic certification document CA – Certificat Produits Bio

Soubry, Bernard. 2015. From Greenhorn to Gardener. Chronicle Herald.  Monday March 30.

Soubry, Bernard, 2015. Beyond mud and snow, farmers have hands full.  Chronicle Herald.  Monday April 27.

Soubry, Bernard. 2015. Practising the zen of farming.  Chronicle Herald.  Monday May 25.

Greenberg, Jen. 2015. Organic Plan.  Unpublished

Greenberg, David. 2014. Abundant Acres Cover Crops. Unpublished.

Greenberg, David.  2012. Celebrating CeleriacCanadian Organic Grower. 8(4): 17-19.

Greenberg, David.  2011. “Buy Local” Saves FarmRural Delivery. 36(5): 36-41.

Greenberg, David.  2011. Kale is CoolCanadian Organic Grower. 8(4): 40-43.

Greenberg, David.  2011. Aroostook County Rising.  Rural Delivery. 36(3): 16-22.

Greenberg, David.  2011. A New FieldRural Delivery. 36(2): 8-9.

Greenberg, David.  2011. Local Food, Then and Now.  Rural Delivery. 36(1): 39-40.

Greenberg, David.  2011. Summer LettuceCanadian Organic Grower. 8(3): 12-15.

Greenberg, David.  2011. Tomato CultureCanadian Organic Grower. 8(2): 28-31.

Greenberg, David.  2010. Prime Market Carrots.  Rural Delivery. 35(9): 24-29.

Scott, J. 2007. Saving Agricultural Land. Rural Delivery. 31(8): 10-11.

Scott, J. 2004.  New Respect for Old Wheat. Rural Delivery October: 17-20.

Scott, J. 2002. What’s Bred in the Bread?? Rural Delivery 27(1):24-27.

Scott, J., Benjamin, C., and Cameron, D. 2010.  Opportunities and Challenges in Atlantic Agriculture Atlantic Federations of Agriculture.

Scott, J. and Colman R. 2008. Towards a Healthy Farm and Food System: Indicators of Genuine Progress. GPI Atlantic, Halifax Nova Scotia.

Scott, J., and MacLeod, M. 2010. Is Nova Scotia Eating Local?  If not, where is our food coming from? Ecology Action Centre and Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture.

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