David and Jen Greenberg

182 Red Bank Road

Centre Burlington,

Nova Scotia. B0N 2A0

(902) 757-1640

abundantacresns at gmail dot com

Directions to farm

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  1. HI, Dave and Jen

    Congratulations on this website. I just stumbled across it this morning. Sounds like things are going well for you. The website is terrific!

    • Hi Jenn,

      Good question! We follow organic certification standards on our farm. I was an organic certification inspector for 14 years and we’re very familiar with the standards. This means we don’t use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers etc. We also invite anyone to visit and see for themselves how we farm. We have been certified organic in the past, but are not presently certified organic. If necessary, we would consider getting certified again.

      Our farm is connected with the Ecology Action Centre through a Working Land Conservation Easement. This easement requires that we follow organic standards.



  2. Hello Jen,

    I went through your website again this year. I don’t know where you get your energy though it is very infectious for I am getting excited about the spring, summer season and trying different vegetables after reading and seeing your beautiful pics of many of your produce. Which Saturday of the month are you having open Saturdays for 2013? I kept trying to visit your farm last year and just couldn’t get there and this year… I plan to go for I really want to see your farm being that I grew up on a farm and still feel that we need to be vigilant in how our food is grown.

  3. Hi Jen and Dave,

    Am I too late to sign up for the weekly deliveries? I realize we’re almost mid-way through June…Also, do I just sign up and then you contact me to verify and payment etc. is worked out then?


    • Hi Meg,

      Go ahead and sign up on the site. I will let you know when a space becomes available. We can arrange for you to pay the deposit at that point. Produce Packs are paid for every week when you pick it up.



    • Hi Isabelle,

      That question comes up a lot. The Cole Harbour Heritage Museum has offered to host a pick up. We need a reliable person to pick up 10-15 packs from Victoria Park or Bedford, and bring them to the Museum for people to pick up. Are you interested? I could help organize it.



  4. Picked up our first farm pack this afternoon. Had a delicious salad for supper, lovely and fresh. Had never tried sweet turnip before and we loved it. Tomorrow will try beet greens for the first time. Thanks so much, Nadia

  5. Hi there, I am new to you, having discovered your stand at the Seaport Market last week. The blueberries
    were absolutely the best I’ve had yet – all 8 pints of them! So I was delighted to find you in Victoria Park,
    Hfx this aft. I purchased 10 more pints of them.
    Later when preparing them I discovered that they have a distinct taste of a lotion or soap, though the insides of the berries are fine. I sampled several of the pints and found them all contaminated with the same substance which I was unable to wash off.
    I am impressed with your operation both in concept & product, and realize this is an unfortunate incident.
    I would like to return the blueberries to you tomorrow, preferably to be replaced with unaffected berries. If this is not possible then I would like to be re-imbursed ($40). I look forward to hearing back from you as to
    how this can be done. And to more produce from you in the future!

    • Hi Jennifer, I am so sorry this happened, and we are going to replace your berries! Please come to the Seaport Market on Saturday and help yourself to more berries!
      – Jen

  6. Thanks Jen. I’d love to have more berries and will see you at the Seaport Market Sat!
    Have a great day,

  7. Hello David and Jen!
    I have been trying to email both of you and it hasn’t been working! Is there any other emails I can reach you at?

  8. HI – Happy New Year! Are you open tomorrow Thursday Jan 2 2020.?Most of your web info is over a few years old! I checked FB, too. Would be great to find a way to post this info currently. Thanks, Margaret

    • Hi Margaret. Yes! We are open Thursday Jan 2 11-7, Friday Jan 3 11-7, and Sat Jan 4 9-1. We are open with the same schedule every week, year-round. Next door, Espresso46 is closed this week. I posted on Facebook, and Instagram. Thanks for the feedback on our website. Happy New Year! Hope to see you tomorrow. Jen

  9. Hi: this is my first time ordering online for a surplus box for tomorrow to north end Hali. Is there a phone number i should be using to text to? thanks for a sweet service! Rhonda L

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