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Abundant Acres is an organic farming operation in Hants County Nova Scotia.   Situated on the tidal Cogmagun River, it consists of a periodically flooded salt marsh, upland fields, and woodlands.  This farm is bound by a Conservation Easement with the Ecology Action Centre, ensuring that it will be preserved for ecological farming and wildlife habitat.IMG_7982

Our farming goals are multi-faceted.  Our first priority is to grow the best tasting and most healthy food for our own table and for our customers.  We are also developing, testing, and sharing designs for machinery and techniques that make farming more efficient and profitable.  From soil working to crop storage, there is a need for simple-to-build, properly-scaled, and affordable equipment.   In 2012, with funding through Heliotrust, we developed a cultivating tractor, a root crop washing and bagging line, and worked on hoop house testing and refinement.  In 2013, David and Jennifer started working with the Sisters of St Martha in Antigonish to offer market garden training to beginning farmers.  The Saint Martha New Growers is now starting its fifth year.

Our longest-term project is breeding and selecting potatoes, and Red Fife wheat for disease resistance, taste, and yield when grown ecologically.  This work is inspired by Raoul Robinson, author of Return To Resistance.  It may be several years before we have results from this effort but we are excited to continue the journey.

This farm is noted for its biodiversity.  People who visit notice the nut trees, orchard, gardens, natural areas, salt marsh, ponds, perennial plantings, medicinal herbs, poultry, and forests.

Jen and David Greenberg have extensive experience with farming. David has over 20 years experience running a market garden and CSA.  Jen has experience with livestock and farm economics, having worked the past 22 years with GPI Atlantic, Ecology Action Centre, and the Federation of Agriculture.

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  1. Wow. What an amazing farm you have. Hello David from Chris and Leah. We send great vibes from Saskatchewan.

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