Abundant Acres Farm Share

IMG_0647We are excited about the new 2016 farm season!  With a bold restructuring of the produce packs, we hope to better serve our customers and increase our farm viability.

We are planning to have more choice in what vegetables are offered each week;  offer two share sizes; extend pick up hours; and deliver the shares to more locations.

These changes should make our life as farmers better by reducing time spent on administration, and more time doing what we love — growing food.

Our proposed solution follows.  It’s not perfect but we thinks it’s progress.  Suggestions are most welcome, we need your input to make this workIMG_9294

Consolidated pick-up location with increased hours, and deliveries

Our only pick-up would be at Victoria Park in downtown Halifax, every Thursday from noon until six pm.  We would also deliver pre-made boxes to several locations in HRM (including Bedford and Fleming Heights).  If you have a proposed location for pack deliveries, please get in touch with us!

At Victoria Park, we will offer large shares 8-10 items ($600) and small shares 6-8 items ($450). The pre-made boxes will all be the large size.

Home delivery

We are considering the option of doing a home delivery route in addition to centralized drop-offs.  Home delivery would cost $150 extra for the season ($7/week).  We could potentially deliver anywhere in HRM where there is a cluster of interest.  Please let us know if this is something you would like.

More choice

We are planning to greatly expand the swap box, making it a swap table. This will allow a wider selection of crops every week.

Simplified payment

Large shares would be $600, small shares, $450 for the season. If this is not practical, we offer a payment plan of three equal payments.

The lower price and increased choice will come with a trade off.  We won’t allow customers to put the packs on hold.  We will still give refunds if you want to cancel for the rest of the year.  The payment is for a season of produce.  The value will change week to week, generally increasing as the season progresses.  We are planning to distribute shares from the beginning of June until the end of October (22 weeks).

Sharing the harvestIMG_9417

The increased choice will generate more extra food on Thursday evening.  We intend to distribute this to people in need.  We have been giving away our leftovers at the church we attend and have been amazed at the impact it’s had on the congregation’s eating patterns and health.  With more food available to give away or sell at a reduced price, we could increase this important part of our farm’s mission.

A new vision, a new name. Introducing the Abundant Acres Farmshare

These changes reflect what we have always wanted the farm to be: a place where people from all walks of life can share life’s simple pleasures of good food and community.  We want this relationship to be mutually beneficial, providing connection to the land, the farmers that work it, and the ever-changing abundance it brings forth.  

We hope this vision resonates with you and that you are willing to invest in our farm.  We appreciate each one of you that has supported us so far and look forward to many more years of sharing the farm with you.

Your famers,

David, Jen, Marshall, Lori, Sarah, Hyla, Dakota, David M, and Erin.

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