Week 13: Providence

IMG_0297This week in the pack we expect to have potatoes, leeks, large salad mix, beans, cherry tomatoes, eggplant or kale, herb, spinach, macintosh apples (low spray from Fair Acres Farm, Danny Davidson, in Falmouth).

On the farm, we are very grateful for all the rain!  The irrigation pond is full again.  Phew!  That helps get all the new fall crops growing and keeps the rest of the gardens lush and happy.  It really helps to germinate all the seeds we planted for winter cover.  Right on!

Now that we have puddles again, I can see evidence of coons.IMG_0321

I am pretty sure they are enjoying the grapes, so we’ll have to put an electric fence around the grapes in anticipation of next year’s crop.  I don’t know if it was racoons that killed 3 hens early Saturday morning, but something got them.  I was very sad and frustrated, so I went out an gave the electric fencing a going over.  So far, so good.

Fencing down on the marsh

Fencing down on the marsh

This week we have a new person on the crew.  Justin is trying out life on the farm.  He is a chef, so he has a lot of excitement about food.  He has offered to help with recipes on our Facebook page.  It sure is nice to have two chefs on the crew!

Victoria and Kevin have been having a blast collecting blemished or damaged produce for processing.  They have made dried tomatoes, pasta sauce, pesto, jams, pickled beets, and more.  What a great time of year for providence!  Get in touch if you want bulk items for processing.IMG_0318