Week 9 and other farm news

Gosh!  Fantastic growing weather.  Hot, humid, with a good amount of rain.  We are all feeling grateful.  We have a huge variety of produce to offer this week.  How about some melons?  We’ll offer eggplant and jalapeño peppers as a tradable item.  Kale will continue for the kale lovers.  It is amazing how kale has risen in popularity through the season.  This week we’ll offer larger red tomatoes, and head lettuce.  Cukes and peppers.  Carrots and beets.  Right now the guys are picking blueberries.  I think we’ll be able to fit some onions in there, and we’ll have some garlic and herbs to make things exciting.  The good news is, it looks like the egg supply will last through the rest of the season.  Bad news, still no bread.

By the way have you tried gomasio yet?  We gave out the recipe early in the season.  It is so simple and so good added to almost any vegetable dish.  We heard back from a couple of people that they liked it.  Lightly brown a cup of sesame seeds in a dry cast iron pan.  Allow to cool, grind (or not) and add salt, and even ground seaweed.  Sprinkle on food before eating.  It is especially good on eggs, beets, and greens.

Marshall and Hilary made it out to Open Farm Day and shared a meal with us on their way to New Brunswick.  They offered to bring back a piece of gear that we had waiting for us there (yay!).  Thanks guys.

We weeded and added compost to the ginger, which ~ahem~ really likes this hot weather.

We were excited to find two garlic plants that we missed last year from a favourite saved variety we thought we’d lost.  We’ll save the bulbils and revive this exciting rocambole type.

The zucchini got BIG this week.  I swear we turned our back for two seconds and it grew right out of control. You just can’t trust zucchini.

See you soon!