Week 5 and other news

This week we are harvesting garlic!  It is being hung to dry in the barn, so everyone will get a little in their pack every week from now on, with options to buy in bulk when it is all dried and peeled.  Also, we have sungold cherry tomatoes coming on.  We’ll have a few for everyone to try this week, and a decent amount starting next week.  We also have a large amount of cucumbers.  If anyone out there is juicing with cukes, now is the time!  Get in touch if you want bulk amounts.  In the crunchy department, we have green and hungarian hot wax peppers coming on.  I am very excited about the melons coming on.  This is a terrific time of year for berries.  Raspberries or blueberries will likely show up for you to enjoy.  Life is good.  And we are hoping for rain.  Wow, as soon as I wrote that, it started to rain!  Yay!

We had a few visitors on Saturday and they got to see that the farm is indeed real.  Dale and Nicole even tried the bread we are trying to replicate for you all through our local bakery.  Unfortunately, it will not be available again this week.  If I say I am hoping for bread, who knows what can happen?!

I will pass on the note Dale and Nicole wrote, along with their recipe suggestions.

“We thank you and David for your hospitality it was amazing to see how much work you guys put into everything. I really appreciate the produce packs that much more….. I really appreciated the foods, they were delicious. I figured I`d toss a few recipes your way to share with the group or use yourselves as you see fit. (We added garlic to essentially any of the recipes that it would make sense for)

Lemony Leeks with ChickPeas and Feta

Roasted Zucchini with radishes

Spinach Frittata (needs extra spices of your choosing)

Kale with ground sausage(we used turkey) and white beans

quinoa with artichokes leeks and sugar snap peas

spicy baked broccoli w/ almonds (I love broccoli baked now  also just like baked broccoli w/ lemon juice)

Jen picking cherries

Leeks after hilling

Farm visitors

Garlic harvest crew: Dylan, Bruce, Christopher (and David)

green peppers

hungarian hot wax peppers

Gooseberries, raspberries, blueberries

cucumber time!

Sungold cherry tomatoes

Bruce with garlic

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