Week 9: The Gush!


We are so grateful for Frenchy’s in this province! We just got David some new (used) shirts

This week in the pack, we hope to have potatoes, carrots, beans, tomatoes, herbs, basil, eggplant, green peppers, hot peppers, and more blueberries too.

This week on the farm, we had so many visitors!  August on the farm is always an attractive time for people to visit because the produce is gushing, the fish are jumping, and Todd put us in charge of his blueberry farm down the road.  There is a wonderful group from Summerville who came to pick our extra beans for the food bank in Windsor.  That was a great injection of positive energy!  We also put the call out for people to Equipick blueberries (they pick for free and we get half).  People are keen to “fill their freezers with vitamin C” for the winter.  They put up with the mosquitoes and horseflies, putting a lot of energy into harvest.  We are very grateful for the help, and I really have enjoyed reconnecting friends along this wonderful shoreline who we don’t see much because we’ve got our noses down every day with more work to do than hours in the day.  I am not complaining!  The gush of providence at this time of year is something I look forward to all year.

Train them young!

Train them young!

IMG_9931 IMG_9930 IMG_9937

We also hosted a group of farmers for an irrigation workshop.  We love connecting with farmers because they usually come with such great nuggets of information to share.  And we get to reconnect with farmers who have influenced our farming over the years, like Herman Mentink below — an organic dairy farmer who cared so much for his cows.


Herman trying out a melon

David giving an animated presentation, with Jeff McMahon, a farmer we'd like to spend more time with!

David giving an animated presentation, with Jeff McMahon, a farmer we’d like to spend more time with!

At the workshop, David said

At the workshop, David said “hey! does anyone want to try some tasty, disease-resistant tomatoes that can grow outside of a hoop house well into October?  Yeah!

I want to acknowledge and thank Bernard and Alice, who (sniff!) will be leaving at the end of August to go back to school.  They have really put their all into this farm!!

Bernard and Alice, getting ready for produce pack on Thursday. We're gonna miss them when they're gone!

Bernard and Alice, getting ready for produce pack on Thursday. We’re gonna miss them when they’re gone!

Today Marshall and Hillary will be back for a visit after their great biking/hiking adventure!  We can’t wait to see them again.  I think many returning customers from last year will remember them fondly.  Marshall (and sometimes Hillary, who is going back to nursing) will be working here this fall with Lori, Kevin, and Victoria, and we are so grateful.

Victoria came running over this morning to encourage me to take a picture of our blueberries, with dew on them that “look like jewels.”  So I did.IMG_0037

Here are a few more photos:

I think people are liking these!

I think people are liking these!

Kevin and David have been working on the intern house.  We just found out last night we might have to replace all the shingles!


Kevin has been working for weeks, inside and out


David is determined to ‘get ‘er done!’


One thought on “Week 9: The Gush!

  1. Makes me hungry to look at your pics. Great good luck while we’re gone and we’ve reserved the cottage for you (clean sheets in the closet) Aug 28,29,30 and 31. LOVE, mom

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