Abundant Acres is hiring for the 2016 season!

Abundant Acres is hiring for 2016

Update January 21: Our hiring for 2016 is complete.  We will post an update soon.

IMG_9349 Apply by email to: Jen Greenberg,  jenredfox@gmail.com.  Please send a letter of intent, resume, and three references. Position will be posted until hiring is complete.  If this interests you, don’t delay getting in touch!

Are you committed to a career in agriculture?  Are you looking for a chance to build farming skills while saving up some money?  If so, we would like to talk with you.

About the farm: We grow organic vegetables for a 190 family CSA and a busy farmer’s market stall.  Our farm is on 90 acres of  fields, forest and salt marsh on the banks of a tidal river near the Bay of Fundy.  We are constantly experimenting with new crops and production systems.  In 2016, we plan to grow seven acres of vegetables. We also keep free range chickens for eggs and graze a small herd of cattle.

Our farm is too complex to manage by ourselves, so we delegate a lot.  We are looking to hand over as much responsibility as possible for the following:  Seedling production, managing two 20’x300’ mobile hoop houses that produce three crops a year, packing house management, and organic certification record keeping.  

The team so far:

Jen Greenberg is in charge of animals, fruit, finances and customer relations.

David Greenberg leads vegetable production with a special focus on field crops grown in rows and plastic mulch.  He spends a lot of time on maintenance of equipment and infrastructure, and coming up with new ideas.

Marshal Zuern has been part of the team for two seasons.  He  is responsible for the front field, where most short season crops are grown on no-till raised beds.  

We offer a  base salary of $250 per week.  Room and board, workman’s comp, and paid vacation included. Higher pay is possible for applicants with extensive farming experience.  Year round employment with room and board is possible doing cleaning and light renovation of affordable housing units over the winter.

IMG_8818IMG_8879IMG_9155 IMG_9208 IMG_9294 IMG_9352 IMG_9417 IMG_9431 IMG_9512 IMG_9525 IMG_9630 IMG_9639 crew15 IMG_9954 DSC_6321 IMG_0095                                                                       IMG_0233 IMG_0242 IMG_0672 IMG_0752 IMG_0905 IMG_9670IMG_9612IMG_6162 IMG_5368 IMG_5627 IMG_8505 IMG_8581

One thought on “Abundant Acres is hiring for the 2016 season!

  1. Great photos, Jen. It was really nice to meet you last week at ACORN. Look forward to seeing you again next year. Thanx for taking the photo of Sean, Paige and me. It went on our Facebook site.


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