Produce Pack open to new customers

Produce Pack pick-ups this week were a lot of fun for us here on the farm.  Finally we got to meet the people who signed up.  People seemed really happy and it is nice, after months of work, to see people so excited about the produce.Stay tuned as we fine-tune the pack.  So far, we’re not happy with the bread.  We’re looking for feedback from anyone who got bread yesterday.

Also, our egg supplier may not be able to provide as many eggs as originally agreed.  We produce some eggs here on the farm, but not enough for everyone.  We’ll keep you posted.  We’ll also make sure that you are getting the best food we can provide and we’ll adjust the price to reflect what you get.

The produce pack distribution spot in Halifax is at Victoria park at the base of the statue of Robbie Burns. There is a stone engraved there with: SELKIRK GRACE Some have meat and canna eat ~ and some wad eat that want it ~ but we have meat and we can eat ~ and sae the Lord be thankit

We were impressed with the different modes of pick-up that were used and the bags people brought.  Finally, we feel confident we can provide produce (veg and fruit) for more people.  We will be taking a few more sign-ups for both Sackville and Halifax locations.  Tell your friends!

Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm.  See you next week!

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