Week 10 and other farm news

I can’t believe we’re half way through the produce pack season!  Time sure flies when you’re working hard… and having fun.  There’s been a shift out here that signals the half-way mark.  The crickets are holding rehearsals all night, instead of the bullfrogs.  Large groups of semi-palmated sandpipers are gathering and flying low over the river in precise formation.  The laying hens are going to bed earlier and they’re no longer thinking of raising a new clutch of chicks.  We are getting ready to plant winter wheat and late cover crops.

In addition to the produce pack, we’ll bring in large bags of basil for making pesto, pickling cukes, tomatoes, and extra garlic.  It is a fine time of year for getting things put by for the winter!  I am always looking for the easiest and fastest way to get things done so I don’t have to spend tooooo much time in the kitchen.  I just found a fantastic, old Russian way to pickle cukes.  Tried it and they turned out great!!  So easy and energy-efficient.  If you are interested, check out the Girl’s Guide to Guns and Butter page for their recipe and instructions.  (I have no idea what guns have to do with it!).

I’m reluctant to broadcast what is going to be in the pack this week because I’m often wrong!  Things change at the last minute… We couldn’t resist putting something else in.  I’m pretty sure we’ll have carrots and tomatoes and green onions and melons.  The blueberries depend on whether it rains.  And I’ll make sure we have a few eggplants.

I’ll leave it to the photos to tell the story from the last 7 days on the farm.

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