Produce Pack Week 5: Shorn

The adult sheep got shorn on Sunday morning.  They were getting hot under all that wool!  shorn5

The contents of this week’s pack are still being determined.  We’re working hard to get strawberries this week, but no guarantees.  They are in short supply because of the virus that is spreading around through aphids.  A lot of farmers are plowing under their strawberry crops.  Luckily, our friends at Stewart’s Organic Farm are promising us strawberries for next week.  There will be no large pack this week unless we get strawberries.  Luckily we’ve planted our own strawberries for next year.

We will have two bunches of carrots for everyone this week, along with salad greens, beet greens with large beets attached, chard, kale, green onions, fennel, parsley, sweet turnips, and of course, eggs.

Next week we are opening the farm on Saturday June 22 from 2 pm on to anyone who wants to visit and see what’s happening.  If you want to help out with farm tasks, that is welcome, but not necessary.  Bring boots!  It has been pretty muddy with all the rain.  Also, the laying hens, who wander freely everywhere, have made a special request that people not bring pets.

See you all on Tuesday and Thursday!

Your farm team: Jen, David, Bruce, Cassie, Stephanie, and Brent

We salute our wonderful customerskimandhubby bikepack

We salute the people who work on the farm.


Stephanie and Cassie

Thanks to all the friends who helped out on Saturday.  And thanks to Bruce who organized everything.  Everyone worked hard, and smiled the whole time!brogardenJune152

plantingcrewJune15 rubberbootsWe plowed up the front yard early in the spring and finally planted the rhubarb Ted Hutten gave us.  Thanks Ted!!rhubarb5

The black and white lamb twins are doing very well.  I think I’m going to call one Cassie, and the other one Stephanie after the wonderful women who work here.bandw

I learned how to fix a leaky pipe.  Very empowering for me!  And David is glad to have some help in the maintenance department.jenfixinpipe

Here is a sample of a few things coming up!  Tomatoes, peas, zucchini, potatoes, and carrots.  Don’t worry, we have lots of hot crops like sweet and hot peppers, eggplant, melons, and ginger root.  We’ll also have a good selection of super fresh fruit.  The list is too long!

tomato5 saladpeas5 squash5 potatoes5 morecarrots5 carrots5

2 thoughts on “Produce Pack Week 5: Shorn

  1. I would have been excited to read that we were getting wool in our packs for me to spin! lol Distressing about strawberries being plowed under…not just because we love them but for the farmers that are growing them for income. Fingers crossed!

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