Week 20: Git ‘er done

Wild witch hazel blooming in October.  Amazing remedy for burns.

Wild witch hazel blooming in October. Amazing remedy for burns.

This week in the pack we expect to have carrots; peppers; hot peppers; lettuce or salad mix; potatoes; tomatoes; herbs; parsnips; apples/pears; kale/beet/chard/nappa; and leeks.

Don’t forget Open Farm Day on Saturday October 11 from 2pm on.  Benjamin has offered to do a vegetable fermenting demo/workshop.  Please let us know by email if you are interested.  Also, Marshall’s partner Hilary has a show featuring her photographs at the Flying Apron Inn and Cookery (a 10-minute drive from the farm, in Summerville).  So if you visit the farm, you may want to check out her show.  And also check out the restaurant, which features food from local farms including ours.

If you are paying quarterly, the next payment is due by Monday October 13.

This week on the farm we’ve accomplished a lot of big jobs.  David finished staining the house, which is a huge relief.  It was getting to the point where the clapboards were cupping and in a couple of places, starting to rot.  We also finished harvesting and storing all the potatoes.  We also dug up, evaluated, and selected the seed potatoes.  The next big crop to harvest is the squash.  The squash was set back by Tropical Storm Arthur so we are harvesting it late and we’ll let it cure in the greenhouse for best flavour.  potatoB20

potato20Unfortunately our pasture ran out so we had to put the cattle in the barn and start feeding them hay.  The good thing is, they start producing manure for composting earlier.



Lucy (foreground), and Frank in the background

We have a new compost pile.  Her name is Lucy.  She’s hanging out behind the barn with Frank, the covered compost pile.  Lucy is made up of sheep and chicken manure composted with lots of hay bedding.  She will be covered very soon.

Here are a few more photos from the week:

cub20 lasttomato20 market20

Benjamin and Andrea's daughter Elianna discovered a Ladybug on her forehead.  She was pretty cool about it.

Benjamin and Andrea’s daughter Elianna discovered a Ladybug on her forehead while visiting the farm. She was pretty cool about it.

See you all soon!

Jen, David, Bruce, Benjamin, Marshall, Lori, Nadege, and Hilary

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  1. Hi jenn

    I will not be picking up a pack this week as we are heading out of town. See u next time.

    Happy Thanksgiving Cathy Wood

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