Rock ‘n Roll

IMG_1804Spring is always a time of intense beauty and intense pressure.

We have 4 employees plus volunteers to train and orient to this farm, and 4 new growers to mentor at Bethany Garden in Antigonish.  Everyone’s willingness and co-operation has been outstanding so far.  Stunning!  Field preparation here on the farm is behind schedule, unfortunately, because the Power Take Off on the tractor stopped working (an expensive and lengthy repair).  Something always goes wrong to test us… Otherwise, how would our strength and patience develop??  We thank God for the grace to manage.

We have been blessed with people on this farm who are coming from other farms and have experience and skills to share.  Just this morning Erin gave us a brilliant idea for improving our laying hen grazing system.  We are all learning so much!  When a problem arises, we brainstorm together.  Crops coming off the fields so far (for Alderney and Seaport markets) are looking and tasting great.  The soil is being enriched with compost – lots of compost.  And now, after weeks of intense sun, it is raining.

Talking about compost, we spent several hours over two days picking rocks at another farm so we can get their horse manure.  The next day we got a note under the delivery van windshield wiper from an anonymous well-wisher.  I think they liked the murals.  The note said “you rock!”  How did they know?

We’re all excited for farm share distribution to start June 2.  The shares will start light and green, getting heavier and more colourful as the season progresses.  Thanks to everyone who signed up.  There is room for more!  We have 11 spaces left.

Here are a few photos to show what has been happening on the farm.  I hope you enjoy the visit.


Incorporation of rye cover crops resumes!  Yay!


Happy crew after loading the delivery van



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