Erin harvesting in the morning mist   Photo: Dakota Varen

It is a very good thing that Jeff came with the excavator to dig out the middle pond earlier this summer.  He hit a spring, and that pond is looking replenished.  Phew!  The irrigation pond, normally 18 ft deep, is getting lower than I’ve ever seen it before.  Our next step is to figure out how to get water from the middle pond into the irrigation pond.  This makes me think of Little House on the Prairie, when Ma used to say to Pa, “We’ll manage.” In other words, we have to have faith in God’s providence.  We’ll have challenges, but we also need to be confident, and keep moving forward.  We continue to irrigate every day, knowing it will rain soon.

The crew has been very good-natured about the lack of rain.  Thanks, guys!  They are also great at hosting guests and making everyone feel welcome.  My nephews, Cody, David’s son Isaac, and our latest guest from Australia, Mitch, all feel the warmth.  And all the visitors, of course, are are helping out a lot.

Here are some photos from this week:


Matheson, Mich, and Marshall


Isaac and Marshall spreading compost on beds


Isaac is making amazing organic tempeh, and selling it at Victoria Park


Matheson, trying to keep things neat and trimmed


Cheery Asiatic Lillies


Mitch and Erin planting green onions


Marshall getting around the farm with trellising twine… on a bike  Photo: Dakota Varen


Visiting a neighbouring farm: Macdougall Meadows


Jake MacDougall showing us his mobile chicken coop design


Compost on a garden bed


The BCS and new flail mower are sulking in front of the barn because they are both broken


Here are some fast farm hands, belonging to Marshall Zuern


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