Farm Share

Farm Share pick-ups will begin next week on June 3, 4, 5, and 6 at the Warehouse Market, 2867 Isleville St in North-End Halifax. Pick up times are Weds – Fri 11-6 and Sat 9-4. We will be bringing in fresh produce from the farm on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please note that pre-packed farmshares are available for curbside pick-up. With this option, there is no choice of what you get, but you avoid contact and reduce waiting in line. If you would like this option, please click the link here.

COVID-19 precautions

To facilitate physical distancing, we are limiting the number of shoppers who enter the market. This has been causing line-ups at busy times. We have increased our hours of operation, but still expect some line-ups. We will do everything we can to move things along efficiently. You can help everyone by choosing your items as quickly as possible.

We ask that everyone wash their hands and put on gloves when entering the market. There are arrows on the floor indicating the direction of flow for shoppers.

The greens are going to be offered in bulk for bag-your-own, and in pre-weighed bags.

The Market crew, led by Zoë and Breanne, have worked very hard to keep it open through the winter/spring, and through the pandemic. There are 10 fine people keeping the Market and online sales going. It has been a learning experience to negotiate online sales, deliveries, phone sales, surplus boxes, and a walk-in Market simultaneously. Thanks so much to all the people who have continued shopping with us. You have been patient and gracious!

The farmshare is now full, so anyone signing up will automatically be put on a waitlist. As spaces become available, we will notify people on the list. In the meantime, the Market is open to the public for regular shopping.

On the farm This. Is. The. Time. Most of the field prep and planting has to get done now. All hands on deck, all systems go, all equipment needs to work. They are long days. Here in Nova Scotia, they could be cold days; hot days; dry dusty days; or wet muddy sloggy days. This year we’re a little behind schedule, but we’re happy. The farm crew is still very encouraging to each other, and we celebrate their successes.

There are 9 people working hard on the farm. We have some new people who need training, some who have returned from previous years, and just recently we are very happy to welcome Brian to the team. Brian brings a wealth of experience and energy with him and he’s a great influence on the whole farm.

This recent hot weather is making the crops grow! After so much cold and windy weather this spring, it is a welcome change. We’ve invited some of the Warehouse Market crew to do work days on the farm. They use separate facilities, and eat lunch separately, but the help and company is welcome. Zinta, Kenzie, Ben, and Zoë have been harvesting, weeding, and planting, and at the end of the day, they take a load from the farm back to the Warehouse Market.

We are more honoured than ever to be your famers. Your support helps us engage with meaningful work, and offer employment to 19 people. Thank you!

At the Warehouse Market, the products included in the farmshare are all marked with a green dot
Green onions in the field
Spinach harvest in unheated hoophouse
Tomatoes in climate battery greenhouse.
Planting fennel in Fox Field, with Cogmagun and Avon Rivers in the background
Carrot markers to show 6 ft distance for people waiting in line
Big garage door open and sales unit on wheels outside
Breanne with Barefoot Blooms flowers
Karyn setting up the display at Market
There are a lot of unpaid but appreciated insects working on the farm too
Germination station!
Avon spinach growing in field P1. It was covered with row cover earlier in the year
Raphaëlle and Adriana at a quick co-ordination meeting before getting back to work
Luke, Nadja, Adriana, Sarah, and Sydney at the end of a harvest day

3 thoughts on “Farm Share

  1. Hello!

    A beautiful update about the farm, the farm share and the people. Thank you. 😁

    My best,

    Angela Forbes

    On Sat, May 30, 2020 at 14:43 Abundant Acres Farm wrote:

    > jenredfox posted: ” Farm Share pick-ups will begin next week on June 3, 4, > 5, and 6 at the Warehouse Market, 2867 Isleville St > > in North-End Halifax. Pick up times are Weds – Fri 11-6 and Sat 9-1. We > will be bringing in fresh produce from the farm on Wednesdays and Fridays” >

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