Chicks and Beets

This morning we weeded the beet greens in the hoop house.  This was the third, and hopefully final weeding before harvest.  I tried to weed it all by myself, but it was just too discouraging.  Can you pick out the beets in this photo? So I asked for help from David and Bruce.  We did it in a short time while working and talking together.  Phew!  I was impressed with David’s particularly speedy and effective weeding technique.  He’s the weedermator.  Check out his hands in the photo.Earlier when I was doing chores in the barn, I noticed the two hens with chicks were sharing child care duties very effectively.  It is so beautiful!  While one is keeping chicks warm underneath her, the other hen was taking the other chicks around to show them how they could scratch and get food.  The chicks were happily running back and forth between the two mothers depending on what they needed.  I don’t think any of them could tell which chick started with which mom.

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