Yes.  I want to grow kiwis.  Determined.  Last year, a magical thing happened that showed me it was possible.  Some little visitors to the farm were playing in the apple tree, and beside it were the kiwis I had planted 17 years ago.  The female kiwis were fine, vigorous, aggressive even.  Over the years, the male kiwis I planted all died.  Were they overwhelmed by the females?  Finally, in 2010, one male survived and he flowered — but not at the same time as the female.  Remind you of anyone?

In the late summer of 2011 the kiwis had flowered, formed fruit, but then the fruit disappeared.  Or so I thought.  Our little visitors migrated from the apple tree to this magical hideout underneath the huge canopy of the kiwi.  Under the foliage they had their own little world where no-one could see them.

We called them in to eat supper, and the littlest little person, Maceo, had found a few kiwis.  His older sisters let us know he had a treasure.  We ate them, and it is not an exaggeration to say they were phenomenally delicious!  They tasted like the kiwis you can buy at the store, but you didn’t have to peel them!!!  Yay!

This spring, I pruned back the massive female plant, made space for the tentative male plant, and I have faith that these vines will bear fruit.  They already have little flower nubbies.

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