Week 16: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favourite occasion.  I won’t call it a holiday, because it is an exceptionally busy time on the farm.  But it is a time to stop and count our blessings, and there have been many!

I am thankful for our new farm family: Chris, Robert, Bruce, and Dylan.  They have all contributed to the farm in their way, and they have all taught David and I a great deal about our own characters.  Bruce and Dylan have contributed countless hours of labour in the field, and in the kitchen, for very little return.  They really deserve a huge pat on the back.  We love them both dearly.

We are very grateful for the Abundant Acres community!  That’s you.  You’ve been so encouraging, you’ve let us know when things aren’t right (and for that we are very grateful), and when they are.  You have contributed so much by sending in recipes; printing and designing signs; bringing snacks; spreading the word; and of course, showing up every week!

One of our customers, Harp, has even offered to cook an East-Indian meal for the October 13 Open Farm Day!  Thanks Harp!  We will donate the vegetables, and she is donating her time.  We are asking for a $10 suggested donation for every adult to cover other costs for the meal.  Please let us know by the end of October 6 if you want to join us for the meal.  Scroll down below the photos to sign up.  Farm visits without a meal can still happen as usual.

In other news, we think the ginger is going to make an appearance this week.  The rhizomes are young, and, as a nice bonus, you don’t have to peel them!  The tops are wonderful, like lemon grass in cooking.  They are great if you do some juicing.  I have also made infusions (steeped tea) with them, along with peppermint, or lemon, or thyme.

Oh yes, I am very thankful that the sun came out this morning.  Hallelujah!

Below, David, Bruce, and Isaac’s root crop washer.  It saves so many hours of labour!

Garlic processing

To sign up for the Thank You dinner, please fill in the form below.  See you soon!

j,d,b,and d

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