Week 12: Ginger

David and Victoria, happy about the ginger root crop

David and Victoria, happy about the ginger root crop

This week in the pack, we hope to have fresh ginger root with the green stems (recipes); a choice of eggplant, fennel, and celery; a large tomato; a pint of cherry tomatoes; a choice of herbs; small salad mix; bunched carrots; red peppers; hot peppers; a choice of kale, beets, or nappa cabbage; and 1 pint of blueberries.

On the farm we are getting used to the dynamics of a new fall team.  With the passing of the intense, muggy, hot weather, it feels like a breath of fresh air as Marshall slides back into the groove.  Next week Darrick Mailman, who lives next door with his new wife Lindsay,  will be joining the team for two days a week.  Victoria and Kevin will stay on until the end of September when they will be moving back to Halifax.  Ever faithful and fast, Lori will be continuing through the fall.  We are so grateful for everyone helping out on the farm!!!!

It's nice to see Lori and Marshall bringing in the harvest

It’s nice to see Lori and Marshall bringing in the harvest

David and Darrick

David and Darrick

Did anyone else feel the intensity of that last full moon??  We did!  It felt like our hearts were going up and down with those incredibly high tides.  The Cogmagun River we live on changed from a trickle to a bay in the span of 12 hours.  I wonder if the cows felt it too?

Cogmagun Bay in the backgroung

Cogmagun Bay in the background

The hens have been laying well.  We had some initial challenges with predators, but I’ve been working on the pasture fencing to protect them.  They graze pasture that the cows grazed several weeks earlier and it is lush!  I can move the electronet fence to give them fresh, dark green grass and clover almost every day.  It is labour-intensive, but one of the things that makes farming rewarding for me.  I love to see the livestock enjoying fresh new pasture.

Morning fence move

Morning fence move

We are very excited to be able to offer fresh ginger root again this year.  It is our 5th year growing it, and we think we finally have a decent crop.  That’s why David and Victoria look so happy in the top photo.

Ginger root and leeks

Ginger root and leeks (photo by David Greenberg)

After much debate about tomatoes and their flavour, the heritage Jaune Flame orange tomatoes are a real winner.   Thanks for introducing them to us, Bernard.

Jaune Flame

Jaune Flame

Our first crop of field melons had problems, but our second crop in the big hoop house did very well (thanks Alice!).  We are hoping there will be enough for everyone getting produce packs.

Canteloupe in new hoop house

Canteloupe in new hoop house



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