Hunter’s Moon


Oat and Pea cover crop in fox field

There are only 2 weeks left of farm share.  Our last day for distribution is October 27.  This week we are offering baby ginger root, and for the next two weeks, squash.  We taste-tested the squash yesterday and it was delicious!  Much better than when we first harvested it.  You will see that the curing process was well worth it.

This week Afishionado will be joining us in Victoria Park.  For more information about Afishionado, please see the end of this post.

The Hunter’s Moon brought bright nights and exceptionally high tides.  When I first moved to this farm 24 years ago, there were usually two really high tides every year: one in spring, and one in fall.  Now we seem to be getting 14-16 really high tides per year.  I don’t know if it is the sea-level rising, or the causeway in Windsor causing siltation and land formation, which reduces room in the Avon River basin, or a combination of the two.

Last week we had a visit from the CTV Morning Live crew who have been doing features on farms in this province.  If you want to see the two segments, I’ve included links here:  Part I and Part II.  They have a nice cheerful vehicle, but I think our delivery van is prettier.  Thanks Hyla!

Do not forget about our Open Farm Day and and garlic planting workparty this Saturday from 2pm on.  The forecast shows showers and sun, 20 degrees C.  So warm!  We will keep everyone posted on our Open Farm Day page.  One thing is for sure: the expected weather will change.  We are really enjoying the fall colours and warm temperatures over the last little while.  It sure makes potato harvesting more fun when you’re not slogging in the mud.

Cody Joudry has been working with us for most of the season, driving 2.5 hours each way from Bear River to get here most weeks on Fridays.  He has been a complete delight!  Thanks for all your help and encouragement Cody.  We all love you and Nadine, and hope to stay in close contact.  Their farm is Bay Breeze Farms.  Dakota started to move in to her farm this week and Hilary and Marshall moved in to their farm next door.  The crew came up with some potential funny names for their farm, including Twin Leeks; Abundant Acre, Happy Hakurei; The Importance of Seeding Turnips; and Bitchin’ Botanicals.  We have another friend, Keltie Butler, who along with her partner Michael, bought a farm in Pictou County.  Congratulations to all new growers!

Here are a few photos from the last week:


Cody with his ginger-phone!


Potato harvest with Cogmagun Bay in the background


Yee-haw!  Ponds are filling up


Which van is more cheerful?


Marshall on CTV Morning video shoot




My mother and her brother and sister-in-law from Alberta.  They loved the colours.


More colour!

This Thursday, Afishionado Fishmongers will be joining us at Victoria Park to chat about their Catch of the Week program. Afishionado is Nova Scotia’s community-minded provider of sustainable seafood from small-scale, community-based fishers and aquaculturalists. For Afishionado, knowing and telling the story behind the seafood we sell is paramount. We follow Ocean Wise certification as our main guide, a classification that ensures responsibility to a fishery’s abundance and catch method. We build and maintain close relationships with those who catch our fish, and work hard to help foster a fair, transparent, traceable, and sustainable exchange of seafood in the Maritimes.

Afishionado’s Catch of the Week program connects individuals and households directly with fishers and aquaculturalists. When you sign up for our Catch of the Week, you will receive a share of fresh seafood, sustainably-harvested by small scale fishers every week. Shares are delivered to one of several hubs across HRM every Thursday from 3pm until the pick-up location closes. Shares can be 1lb, 2lbs, or 3lbs, and can be all fish, or a rotating mix of fish and shellfish.

For more info, check out Afishionado at Victoria Park this Thursday,, or email


End of a long but good day

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