Abundant Acres Farm is hiring for 2017

Update: All positions are now filled.

Apply by email to: Jen Greenberg, jenredfox@gmail.com.  Please send a letter of intent, resume, and three references. Position will be posted until hiring is complete.  If this interests you, don’t delay getting in touch! 

Questions?  Call David Greenberg 902-757-1640 or email davidgreenberg71@gmail.com.

Are you committed to a career in agriculture?  Are you looking for a chance to build farming skills while earning $10.70 for every hour worked?  If so, we would like to talk with you.

About the farm: We grow organic vegetables for a 175 family CSA and a busy farmer’s market stall.  Our farm is on 90 acres of fields, forest, and salt marsh on the banks of a tidal river near the Bay of Fundy.  We are constantly experimenting with new crops and production systems.  In 2017, we plan to grow seven acres of vegetables. We also keep free range laying hens for eggs and graze a small herd of cattle.

Our farm is too complex to manage by ourselves, so we ask each employee to manage one of our 4 production systems.  These are (1) seedling and production greenhouses, (2) short-season crops on permanent beds, (3) mechanically cultivated row crops, and (4) plastic-culture crops.  To see how the farm crew worked last year, please see our blog post about it, or the article written by Dakota Varen on the Grow A Farmer blog.

The team so far:

Jen Greenberg is in charge of animals, fruit, finances and customer relations.

David Greenberg leads vegetable production with a special focus on field crops grown in rows and plastic mulch.  He spends a lot of time on maintenance of equipment and infrastructure, and coming up with new ideas.

Marshall Zuern has been part of the team for three seasons.  He is responsible for the front field, the field crew, and wholesale orders.  

The position is from mid-April until mid-November.  We pay $10.70/hour with 45 hrs of work scheduled per week.  We also offer workman’s comp, and a paid one week vacation mid summer. A private cabin and ample food is available on the farm for $100/week.

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