The groom, bringing hay from the site where the wedding took place, for the laying hens.  Thanks Marshall!

The wedding of Hilary and Marshall could not have been more perfect.  The weather, the friends and family, the food (yum!), the vows (so touching and heart opening), the decorations (so down to earth, but classy), the speeches/songs afterwards (so comical!), and of course the bride and groom didn’t get their knickers in a knot about anything because they are so humble and focused on what was important.  There were no groomzilla or bridezilla moments as far as I could tell.  Just love and smiles and hugs all around.  It went off without a hitch.

It was so nice to see the crew from 2016 return to the farm and connect with each other and the 2017 crew.  They are like family.  Sniff sniff.

The community around us is fantastic.  Hilary and Marshall are next door.  Bruce and Nadege will be moving in to their farm as soon as their baby is born.  She’s due Aug 30, but we think she’s going to arrive earlier.  Their farm is 5 minutes away, on the New Cheverie Rd., near Lori and Andrew.  Lori catered the wedding with food from our farm and from Cogmagun Poultry nearby.  Andrew has just started a business fixing and fabricating equipment.  Oh what a blessing he is!!  He makes farming easier and more economical for everyone.  So smart, so humble.  It goes without saying that Lori, and her catering business is a blessing too.  The day of the wedding, there was another event happening at Jake MacDougall’s farm.  They hosted a farm to table dinner at their place with chef Dennis Johnston.  Jake raises livestock (including meat birds, turkeys, and pigs) on pasture, as well as vegetables at his place.  He also uses draft horses for cultivation and other jobs.  Very special.  When I first moved to Centre Burlington in 1993 I had no idea all of these connections would develop.

Below are a few farm photos from the last week:


The Abundant Acres crew, 2016 and 2017 at Marshall’s wedding party.  Where’s Marisa?


Jake MacDougall of MacDougall Meadows farm will be at our Seaport Farmer’s Market stand


This is the most phenomenal use of weeds I’ve ever seen.  The wedding arch.


Wedding song by Marshall and Hilary.  They are so talented and funny!


David’s son Isaac got back from Denmark in time for the wedding.  From left: Dakota, Erin, Isaac, David, and Dermot.


Hyla and Erin: Getting ‘er done


Jen got sprung from the office to pick tomatoes and beans.  We heard a story of how a farmer went blind because he didn’t protect his eyes.  After that, everyone put on their sunglasses.


Neighbourhood markets like the one at 2867 Isleville St are the future

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