Marshall hoeing carrots in the front field. Check out his crazy hair!

This week on the farm there is excitement about Marshall and Hilary getting married.  All of the crew from last year will be returning to Red Bank Rd for the shin-dig.  Everyone is really behind this couple!  I’m sure we will all cry during the ceremony in the pasture on the hill overlooking the Cogmagun River.  We wish them all the best in their life together!

There is another very sweet and very loyal couple getting married this month, so congratulations go out to Kamie and Kymri!  They also recently moved into their farm in Stewiacke and are very excited to wake up there every morning.  Best wishes to these long-time farm share members as they embark on their farm and life adventures!

We are excited to see Erin and Dermot come back to the ‘hood from Ireland.  Erin has offered to work at Abundant Acres during some of the days when Marshall is away on his honeymoon.  Great timing Erin!

We hope everyone is enjoying lots of BBQ eggplant and spiralized zucchini!  Here are some photos from the last week on the farm.


Shiitake mushrooms snuck out of the oak log while we weren’t looking.  Dakota and crew inoculated the logs last spring, and they are finally fruiting


Maggy having a rest after chasing off the neighbour’s white cat.  


Rhi learning how to use an angle grinder to cut metal


So exciting to see a real monarch butterfly!  We haven’t seen them here for a while.


It is definitely pesto making season.  Claudia made pesto with cashews and did it ever taste good!


The bride-to-be and her super-supportive friend Vanessa checking out a potential site for the ceremony

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