Giving Thanks


Kale, spinach, and cover crop, Middle Field, early morning

We’re so grateful we had such good weather this year (no droughts, no flooding, no hurricanes), a peaceful season, a fine crew, and fabulous customers, new ones and the ones who have been loyal for years.  We took a lot of risks establishing new markets, and people came out to support them.  Thank you all!  Thanks to Hannah, Jeff, and John, who invited us to be part of the Warehouse Market.  Thanks to George, who leant us his car one day and stacked wood another; to Ken, who leant us his car while he fixed our delivery vehicle; to those who encouraged us in our greenhouse project; to Kathleen, who has been cheerfully helping out on the farm between classes; to Jessi, who has been bravely taking on the marketing challenge in Halifax; to our parents, who have encouraged both of us all our lives; to our community, where people care about each other, and help each other out; to Isaac and Jake for keeping our stand at Seaport Market going; and to God, who has forgiven us, and given us the strength and grace to keep going.  There are so many more people and things to be grateful for we couldn’t possibly list them all.


Building the new greenhouse


David with Gyungbo (one of the new growers at St Martha’s Garden in Antigonish) and his crop of shallots


Brad and Jake working on the greenhouse


Farm lunch with visitors from Waldegrave Farm


Warehouse Market


Warehouse Market, busy even on a very rainy day


Anne-Marie liked those tomatoes so much she wanted to paint them


Kathleen really likes vegetables a lot.  Before every meal she’ll walk to Hyla’s field to gather enough to cook with.


After spending a Saturday helping on the farm, George says: “I really needed that!”

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