Full Moon in June


Baby spinach and beets in morning sun.  Peaceful little ones

There is a lot happening on the farm!  Lots of action at this time of year with long days, high tides, and full moon.  The crops are all affected by the solstice changeover and we have to keep a close eye on them.  As soon as the days start to get shorter, some plants become extra prone to bolting (flowering).  This can mess up crops like cilantro, lettuce and spinach.  So far these crops are looking really good.

We are super grateful for the rain we’ve had, the warmer weather, our reliable crew, and loyal customers.  As I write this the birdsong outside is crazy and the peonies are filling the room with a heady scent.  In the spaces between all the work, life on the farm is rich with thousands of little gifts.

I have to confess that I was scared about the building coming down next to the Warehouse Market.  We’ve had some dust, and noise issues, but overall, last week was our best week yet.  Thank you to everyone for rolling with it!

As you can see in the pictures below our new heated greenhouse is beginning to yield cherry tomatoes.  We will bring all of them to the Warehouse, saving some for Friday and Saturday.  We hope to have plentiful tomatoes in July, which was one of the main goals of building the new greenhouse with the climate battery heating system.  The other goal being winter greens production without burning a lot of fuel.  So far, so good.  We have lots to learn about using this innovative technology and also have to learn a lot about heated greenhouse production.  For instance, we have a breakout of aphids this spring in our tomatoes and peppers.  This is common in heated greenhouses but something we have never had in our simple, unheated field tunnels.

Below are a few photos from the last week on the farm:


We’ll be starting to offer garlic scapes soon.


Spicy arugula!!


I’m so glad these hens are in the shady area of the pasture today!  #fillyerbootsfarm


Have you tried the kimchi with fresh turmeric from Zoë’s Ferments yet?


Potato flowers


The potatoes look great after they have been hilled.  Old, reliable technology.


David is getting a consult from Dakota the tomato master!


We had a short visit from Ryan and Sandi, from Stratford ON.  They helped out in the front field along with Naomi.  Thanks guys!


All the buds on our seedless grapes got blasted.  And then some new ones formed!  (Wow!) No big crop this year, but let’s hope next year is fruitful!


Another victim of the early June frost that is recovering.  Carpathian walnut.


Quick visit from Jenner and Annie of the incredible Bar Kismet restaurant.  What gracious people!  We always love to see them come into the Warehouse Market.




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