Into the Groove


Garlic planted last fall, with a little rye mixed in from the previous cover crop

I always long for the moment in the spring when the kinks and issues are mostly worked out.  Everyone understands their job and also how to help each other.  Usually the groove doesn’t happen until the garlic scapes are ready.  This year we are either ahead of the game, or the scapes are late to mature.  Either way, the groove is good.

Now we are almost to the Summer Solstice, and all the parts of the farm are talking to each other nicely.  The worst of the spring slog is over and we can see crops thriving. But, we can’t relax just yet.  Experience tells us that we’ll have to navigate through more challenges before we’re over the hump.

I hope everyone is enjoying the food as much as we are!  One member shared a beet green pesto recipe that looks delicious.  Please feel free to share recipes and tips for using vegetables with each other, and with us.  We’ll post them so people can can feel inspired to enjoy the abundance.  You can send them to Jen ( or post them directly on our facebook page.

I love the Warehouse Market where people pick up our farm’s produce because of all the people and businesses that come together to make it happen.  The foundation is made up of Afishionado, Holdanca Farm, and Abundant Acres Farm.  We also partner with Maritime Gourmet Mushrooms, Gold Island Bakery (Jess Ross’ Sourdough breads), Zoë’s Ferments, Barefoot Blooms, Pop Culture Brewco kombucha, Fill Yer Boots farm pasture eggs, and Seville Centreville Farm (spray-free blueberries).  We also work with local businesses that order our vegetables, like Getaway Farm, Bare Root Catering, Local Source, Brasserie, PAVIA, and MacDougall Meadows.

I think we can safely say that from now on, we will have real pasture eggs for sale at the Warehouse Market.  People ask about this ALL the time.  For years, Holdanca Farm and Abundant Acres Farm have grazed laying hens on pasture to produce really nice, healthy eggs.  This year, our neighbours at Fill Yer Boots farm have taken over our egg operation and made it their own.  They produce eggs on our pasture land, and feed them GMO-free feed, as well as vegetable scraps from our vegetable operation.  In exchange, they provide eggs for our farm crew and family.  Give them a try!  You’ll notice the deep orange coloured yolks.

Here are a few photos from the farm this week.


Kat loves vegetables!  She will be managing the Warehouse Market on Saturdays


Siggi manages the Warehouse Market on Fridays, and the Seaport Market on Saturdays.


Nicola made this beautiful sign for the Warehouse Market so members know how many items are in their share.


Part of the Warehouse Market display unit that David made


Ladybird beetle hanging out on a mature spinach.  All part of the farm web of life.


Naomi trellising peas using a basket weave pattern


This is the building that houses the Warehouse Market.  Thanks to Ca-Hoa for renting it to us!! The building beside it has been demolished.


This is the mix and match bag your own greens area in the Warehouse Market.  We invite you to bring your own containers and bags to reduce the use of plastic.  For farm share members, you can fill to the 1 on the scale for one item, and fill to the 2 for two items.  

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