Frost Moon


Nicola harvesting spinach

As many of you have probably heard,  The Annapolis Valley region had a severe frost the Sunday before last.  It killed most of our fruit blossoms and some of our vegetables.  The peaches and kiwis and grapes will recover to fruit again next year.  Our losses were minor compared with the losses some farms experienced.  We lost quite a few tomatoes and summer squash, and most of our first planting of beans.  We had extra seed and seedlings and they were replanted right away.   Our early potatoes lost most of their tops, but are already recovering.  It will be interesting to see how they do over the next few weeks.

We found out the building next door to the Warehouse is going to be demolished over the next two weeks.  The part of the building just to the south of us is scheduled to be taken down on Friday between 1pm and 5pm of this week.  During this time, it will be best to get to the warehouse from the Young St (North) end of Isleville St.

Our farmshare  membership is the highest it has ever been to start the season.  This is great news for us and we are so thankful for everyone’s support.  But guess what?  We would like to find sixty more members.  People that sign up after the first week pay a pro-rated amount based on the weeks left.  So please tell your friends about us and remember that we deliver to any location in HRM with ten or more shares signed up.

Here are a few photos of last week on the farm:


Can you spot the crop of pink pool noodles?  We’re using them as protection around the rebar used when we move the hoop house over.


There’s a tremendous crop of turmeric on the way.  You can eat the leaves too as wraps.


Nicola and Marshall happy about getting a big job done!


Naomi bunching spinach.  She is the youngest member of our team, but she’s definitely holding her own.  She is an avid climber and she’s already cycled across this big country.


Hyla has also cycled across Canada, and she is an amazingly talented artist.


Here is Marshall making up the Verb shares.  He and his wife Hilary live next door, at Fill Yer Boots Farm.  They raise all the laying hens.


My Dad, Ron, comes out to the farm regularly to help out.  He loves rhubarb!


There are lots of tomatoes coming in the big greenhouse, as well as peppers, cukes, ginger, and turmeric


Nicola and Marshall hamming it up again…


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