First Pick-up Week for Farm Share!


The crew that makes it all happen at Abundant Acres, in front of their house.  Nicola, Hyla, Naomi, Kathleen, and Jen (standing), David, Brad, Rhi, and Erin (kneeling).  Missing: Marshall, Sarah, Siggi

It is so exciting to have our annual ‘reunion’ of sorts on the first pick up days of the farm season.  And to welcome new members too!  Here is a quick introduction to Abundant Acres.  We employ three full-time staff and six part-time staff from the neighbourhood and Halifax.  Most of our farm share members are returning, and most of our staff is returning from previous years.  This is a really good feeling.

We grow crops using natural and regenerative methods, which means using no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, using lots of compost, and rotating land between vegetable and soil-building crops.  The rest of the farm area is used for crop rotation, pasture for Marshall and Hillary’s flock of laying hens, woodland, and salt marsh.  We live on a tidal river, and when the tide is highest, about 20 acres is underwater.  It is a very fluid place!

Last night we had a killing frost, and unfortunately we lost some zucchini, tomatoes, beans, peach blossoms, and kiwi blossoms.  The wind had blown some of the row cover off the plants in the far field.  It’s a good thing we have extra seedlings to replace the ones we lost!

In other news, the building beside the Warehouse Market is being torn down sometime in June.  An eight story condo development is going up.  This will cause some traffic disruption and noise for many months to come.  Such is the reality of living and doing business in Halifax these days.  We will keep everyone updated on any issues this causes and will do our best to make things go smoothly.

Below are a few photos from the past few days:


Eating good food with friends


Zoë and Marshall at Warehouse Market, where we sell Zoë’s ferments.


This little ladybird beetle offspring controls aphids like nobody’s business.


Nicola and Naomi harvesting salad mix


Erin and Rhi planting squash


Kathleen getting the market stand ready


Erin learning how to grease the spader


Cuke patrol!


Front field maintenance


Irrigation after planting




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