Nicola is bringing in the squash

The yard in front of our house is bubbling with little birds.  Every fall this happens.  Juncos and sparrows especially just show up one day and start pecking around.  They even move on to the driveway and walk ways.  I’m not sure what they are finding, but it is completely delightful.  The weather has been colder and rainier than normal this year, so it is nice to notice this autumn perk.

We often plan our crops based on recent experience of weather.  The last few years have offered warmth and sunshine deep into the fall, so we based this year’s planting on the optimistic premise we’d get the same this year.  But we didn’t.  Many of our outdoor crops did not grow well over the last 3-4 weeks, and we don’t have as much to offer as we normally have at this time.  It has been another important learning experience.

We are in the process of figuring out what this will mean for our fall and winter marketing.  Once we have a plan, we will let everyone know.

Leekchi is a simple, but tasty ferment we make every year with leeks, ginger, garlic, sea salt, and korean chili flakes.  The chilli flakes are available from JJ’s Korean market on Gottingen St.  We make enough to last the winter and keep our guts happy.  Fermentation is a way to keep vegetables preserved for months, without spending a lot of money on canning or freezing.  It is simultaneously old-fashioned and new-fangled.  We got the recipe we use from Kitchen Vignettes.  If you click on the link, you can get the recipe, watch the very cute 3 minute video, and get all the information you need about fermentation and its health benefits.  This year I added turmeric root for some more anti-inflammatory punch and a beautiful bright orange colour.


Fresh leeks, ginger, garlic, and turmeric all grown on-farm.


Leeks with some Korean red pepper flakes.


More Korean red pepper flakes


Everything mixed together, including sea salt, with a plastic bag of brine on top, and a tray underneath to catch any overflow.  It will sit on the kitchen counter for 10 days, and then it will go in the cold room for the winter.


We got Jeff in with his mini-excavator to (hopefully) fix the climate battery underneath our large greenhouse


Jeff, David, and Ron did some work around the employee house to get things ready for winter


At this time of year, Rhi has to roll up the sides of the greenhouse when the sun comes out.  Then she has to remember to roll them down again when the temperature drops.


We are seeing a few new bird visitors at the feeder.  The chickadees are always there, but now we are seeing more juncos and sparrows.


Kathleen and Nicola at the Seaport Market stand.  I would not be surprised to see either or both of them become prime minister of Canada one day


Kim and Rhi pulling tarps over spinach beds.  Getting ready for winter.


New red russian kale coming up in the big greenhouse


Plant babies


Big greenhouse, Oct 12


Big greenhouse Oct 23

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