May Showers, Late Flowers


Planting leeks May 11 

Our first farmshare week has arrived and we are all excited!  Dani says the new crew is “getting into the groove” of harvesting every week.  At the time of writing, everyone is out in the field harvesting trailer loads of fresh, juicy vegetables to bring into Halifax.  Weeks and weeks of work have gone into preparing for this season.  Many new, and returning farmshare members have signed up to get their weekly vegetables from us, which brings much appreciation and gratitude.

We are definitely behind in terms of temperatures compared to other springs.  We have also had much more rainfall than normal.  We wanted more items for the first week, so we brought in some organic vegetables from other organic farms in the Maritimes, and organic potatoes from Quebec to fill out our offering.  As always, we will do our best to clearly label where everything comes from.

On the topic of clear labelling,  our experiment with importing organic produce has been well received and we are planning to continue it.  Our Abundant Acres produce and the few local items we buy in are featured on one side of our display unit.  These are the items included in the farm share along with the loose, bag your own greens on the far end, and a few items near the check out.  The imported organic items facing away from the door will not be included in the farm share.  As always, we will do our best to clearly label where everything is grown and what is included in the farmshare.

All of us here at Abundant Acres are having a great time growing your veggies.  There has been a whole lot of smiles, laughter, and joy around here this spring.  We’ve had sad times, but overall the feeling on the farm is positive.  Perhaps if you pay special attention, you’ll be able to taste the joy that went into this food.


The crew on our first field trip.  Almost everyone fit in the delivery van once we put in all the seats!


Justin, David, and Sydney dealing with plenty of mud.  


Michelle planting leeks on a rainy, muddy day


A field trip to Broadfork Farm led to a group mulching of currants with compost, leaves, and cardboard.  Waldegrave Farm, Martha’s New Growers, Good Thyme Farm, and Abundant Acres were all represented there.  It was a great time to share information!


Shannon has a way with flowers (Broadfork Farm)


Bryan of Broadfork Farm demonstrating the self-loading compost spreader.  It was designed so he could load and spread compost himself, but here its being used as the best wheelbarrow ever.


Justin harvesting lettuce at Abundant Acres


Sweet violets


Kim harvesting stinging nettle with her bare hands!  She is so tough.



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