Zoë and Michelle weeding carrots

We are so happy the sun has returned!  The extreme weather of this spring and last fall has taken its toll on many farmers.  We hope the weather will be more moderate from now on so we can focus on the job of soil preparation (with help from the earthworms), seeding, weeding, and generally caring for crops before harvest.

This week, many of the row covers were removed, crops were weeded, and in some cases insect net was used and the row covers were put away.  Row covers protect crops from insects and cold, but the insect net protects them from pests without causing heat to build up underneath.  Right now our greens are so primo because it has been wet and cold.  Farm share members should feel free to take several items as greens.  A few people told me they wanted more greens but didn’t feel they could take more when the unit is a quarter pound.  If people want more, they can take several items as greens.  One member  with a small share loves spinach, so she will take 4 out of her 6 items as spinach, and two other items.  If you have questions, please ask!

Below are photos from our last week on the farm.


Right now we have a good selection of greens to choose from and they taste great!


Renee loves the sunflower shoots and got two items’ worth last week in her reusable cloth bag


Justin in his fencing gear outfit.  Tools everywhere!


Finally the lilac bloomed!  Two weeks later than average.


The ruts in the road are deep!


Justin, Dani, and David harvesting radishes and greens


We won’t lose Kim when she’s got this jacket on


Kenny and Sydney getting the John Deer ready for laying mulch


Kenny is taking on the challenge of setting up the paperpot transplanting system


Raised beds have saved our greens crops.  In between the beds, the soil is very very goopy!



Green onions will be available this week


Surprise! Perfect baby kale under the row cover

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