Tuesday it rained. It was getting a little dry so we are relieved. The harvest was very satisfying, with beautiful greens flowing out of the fields and into the wash/pack area to be washed and cooled. Kara runs the wash/pack process, singing or humming the whole time. She has designated areas for each type of produce. She has been helping to redesign the area so it can accommodate an increase in harvest volume.

Sean has already started to work on the renovation. The door, which never closed properly is getting rebuilt. The spray tables are going to be moved back to the wall, and replaced with new white screens. After replacing the ramp to the upper barn, he will replace the ramp into the cooler. David created a ramp to the wood shed so we can wheel cord wood in to stack it for summer drying. Why stop there? Maybe we can create a ramp so produce can be wheeled on a dolly into the delivery van?? We’re going on a rampage. Anything that can save time and make the job easier is a priority this year.

This week the quad stopped working and it was a struggle to get around the fields with the tractor and trailer instead. Two hoophouses sustained damage! The quad is unpredictable, but it sure is fast for zipping around picking up produce from the far flung fields. We’re not sure how we’re going to solve that problem. We’ll just have to rely on the one harvest van we call Chevy Chase.

This week there are a LOT of transplants going in the fields and hoop houses. We hope it is finally warm enough to plant the warm season crops, like tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers outside. The rest of the ginger will go in. The cukes are getting big and need trellising and pruning. We’ve got peas and beans started. All the crops are enjoying the nice long days. The fireflies are enjoying the short periods of darkness.

Kara, in charge of washing and packing the crops
Bethany, Eli, and Sarah came in from harvesting in the rain, to help finish up the packing and loading
The demand for thyme is going up. We are trialing several different types, and this lemon thyme is promising
On Tuesday we got 26 mm of rain!
All of these transplants are getting hardened off to be planted in the fields.
Protectnet is used to protect crops from pests.
Leeks growing in the fox field are looking good!
Onions on the left, leeks on the right, with a freshly mowed cover crop of clover and ryegrass growing in the path between them
David and Bethany picking beans as fast as they can

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