The other day we found a snake skin that was shed by the front door. It is fascinating and beautiful. Our friend Holly pointed out that snakes have both grippy parts, and slippery slidy parts on their skins. This allows them to move along the ground without feet or legs. Holly is an engineer, so she is always thinking about movement and biomechanics. Also, she considers the beauty and intelligence of the world around us. I think of the skin in terms of farming. Sometimes you have to dig in, and sometimes you have to slide through. There are hard parts and easier parts. We just have to keep moving forward. The farm is an organism that just never stops. Right now it is producing a great deal of greens and fruiting crops. We hope you are enjoying them!

Tuesday at lunch we were talking about ‘what is on your fridge’? Crayon drawings? Brochures? Recipes? Poetry? Isabel’s younger sister Brigit wrote a poem for her fridge. Here it is in full: “Summer is funner than a bummer.” I think she’s right. But yesterday it was pouring with rain and the farm crew was cold and wet while they harvested, which is a bummer. The sunny days and satisfaction that comes from a beautiful and abundant harvest is the ‘funner’ part. Wednesday evening David and I went swimming in the Avon River close to the farm. The salt water was warm enough to stay in for a while. Semipalmated plovers were flying around in formation, flashing white bellies alternating with black backs. Once they flew as a group right above and between us. What a thrilling, definitely ‘funner’ feeling!

A snake we found on a farm road. It is always a good sign to find snakes. They are an indication of a healthy ecosystem. We are lucky there are no poisonous snakes in Nova Scotia.
Colleen giving Camilla an orientation to harvesting eggplants. Camilla is a new employee who can also be found working at the Warehouse Market. Also in the photo is a new harvest cart that was half price at Princess Auto. It saves carrying the bins up and down these 400 foot rows.
New beets were planted in the hoop house beside tomatoes. Planting of new crops is happening every week.
Carrots are a very labour-intensive crop.
The fruiting crops like eggplant and red peppers are coming on strong
Romaine lettuce is thriving with all the rain. So are the weeds! Behind Raphaëlle are the insectary strips with flowering plants for birds and beneficial insects. They are very full of life.
We have so many tomatoes! Yesterday at Market a customer bought 100 pounds of tomatoes for processing. Thank you!
The dark purple eggplant is more familiar, but these ones are also delicious and a bit more creamy.
We also have an abundance of sweet and hot peppers. On the farm, we are roasting peppers and tomatoes with oil and freezing them. That way they take up less space in the freezer and it’s a fabulous flavour-rich treat to add to winter meals.
Here’s a photo taken by Sarah of Raphaëlle, Eli, and Kara harvesting in the rain. It was a hard day with 65mm of precipitation.
David and Steph at Market in a rare moment with no customers. Great display, Steph!

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