The Beet Goes On

This is a ridiculously busy time of year on a farm. The list of things to do is so long and there is never enough time to do it all. That is why this blog post is short!

David swatting a mosquito as he is weeding in the onion crop in Fox Field. “It won’t be long before these are big enough to bunch!” Notice the cover crops of clover growing between the beds of onions.
Karina giving the Farm Team some tips on pruning with the green zebra tomatoes
David and Olivia bringing the insect netting into the cattle shed
There is a lot of labour into these carrots. It takes so long to weed them!
The zucchini are getting big! The cukes are leaning away from them.
We don’t have cattle anymore. David is cleaning out the cattle shed so we can store the tractor under cover.
Karina in her happy place with the tomatoes
David just had to do some weeding in the evening as the sun goes down

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