I couldn’t sleep last night because I could hear a noise and I wondered if it was a pump or fan that needed to be turned off. I went outside to check on things, and decided no disasters were happening, so I came in. Still couldn’t sleep. Picked up a book David’s mother Hanna gave us called My Grandfather’s Blessings by Rachel Remen. After one short chapter I was peacefully asleep. The words helped me see ordinary, day-to-day things as blessings. A hug, a smile, a hummingbird, a swim after work, a simple fresh meal, co-workers helping with a big job, a sunset, a breeze on a hot day. All are little blessings. Rachel was encouraging readers to notice blessings, and to truly receive them like gifts. She also encourages us to give blessings. To family, co-workers, and also to strangers. If I can go through my days noticing all the little blessings more than the frustrations, I could be so much more present and pleasant to be around. I might also have more of what it takes to bless others. From this flows a great sense of gratitude, even if things aren’t going well. We have a lot of tools on the farm, many of them have had troubles this week. ! But it seems one of the most important tools to carry around with me/us is gratitude and an attitude of giving and receiving blessings.

We love to watch the hummingbirds visit the flowers, then the feeder, then perch on the tree branches. This feeder is on my office window
Morgan MacDonald, left, grew garlic that we are drying in the seedling greenhouse for sale once it is cured.
We want the Kubota tractor to last as long as possible. The dealer said parking it under cover would help with the longevity of the electronics.
For a couple of years our cucumbers were not doing well, but this year they are great! Pests can’t get at them because of the netting we put up. Yes, the netting was a huge job, but worth it. Cukes dehydrate easily after harvest, so they should be in plastic if you put them in the fridge. Refrigeration is very dehydrating.
All kinds of bees are attracted to tulsi flowers.
Andrew and Olivia taking down the pea trellis and flipping the beds for the next crop
It was a hard week for machinery. Our trusty harvest van, Chevy Chase, stopped working. The quad stopped working. Both Grillos were having trouble. We got the van and quad working again. The Grillos are on the mend, but we’re waiting for a part.
Karina’s lunch. Her Italian family heritage is evident when it’s her turn to make lunch for the team. She loves to cook with tomatoes and eggplant.

One thought on “Blessings

  1. Thank you Jen. I am grateful for your blog. I am also grateful for Abundant Acres and the wonderful food you produce. ❣❣❣

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