You are invited…

…to be a part of this farm community!  This season, members are invited to visit the farm on May 6, September 13, or October 7.  This Saturday we’ll be planting.  It looks like a rainy day, which is good for planting, but not so nice for a visit.  If you decide to visit, please bring rubber boots and rain gear.  September 13 is a harvest and kraut-making day.  October 7 will be a cider-making day.  The farm will be open anytime after 2pm on each of the days.

We are planning to be at Seaport Market on Saturday May 6.  Marshall and Isaac will be at the Abundant Acres stand with super-fresh greens.  We may also have a few of the small eggs from young hens.

On the farm, things are hopping!  Our crew is here working hard and smiling.  What a fantastic bunch!  I’ll introduce them in our next blog post.  In the meantime, here are a few photos of springtime activity.




Spring planting and maintenance with Rhi, Hyla, and Marshall


David’s sister Talya, from Virginia, planting in the greenhouse


Hyla and her sister Nicola, visiting on her way to Heartbeet Organics in PEI


Bruce, who worked here for 3 years, came back to paint David’s prototype cultivation tractor


We’re planning to build a new heated greenhouse beside this one.  Thanks to the fabulous excavation skills of our neighbour, Garnet, who built this pad


We’re growing ginger again this season, using bought seed from Peru (light colour), and some of our own seed grown over the winter (gold colour)


We also tried growing our own turmeric seed (left)


It’s always nice to see Pierre, who helped me broadfork the little kitchen garden


Rhi, in charge of seedlings, making soil blocks


We went to visit Henry at Cranberry Acres.  He’s also growing 200 acres of highbush blueberries. 


Corey is cleaning up the original wash shed.  Thanks Corey!


This is how my brain feels in spring, off in all directions!


Cilantro, ready to harvest


American Goldfinches and delivery van.  I am attempting to do Instagram for the farm.  Check out: jenabundantacres.  


One thought on “You are invited…

  1. Dear Jennifer:

    Thank you for the invitation. We might actually visit the farm this year, perhaps in September or October. Anyway, I am going to be away during June, so I’ll see you in July. Could you please remind me of the location in Halifax where you’ll set up shop and the day or days you do that? Thank you.



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