Suddenly Summer


Every week day our farm crew gathers in the employee house for lunch.  On Tuesday we had a very small and fuzzy visitor who was intent on the bouquet of lilacs on the table.  I really appreciate bumble bees as they are workhorse pollinators yet they seem to have a pretty chilled out vibe.  That is how I’d like to be(e).

In other news, we will have a few bouquets from Barefoot Blooms this week for sale.  The bouquets are $12, tax included.  They are created by friend and country “neighbour”, Denise.  On the Hants Shore where we live, ‘neighbours’ can be up to a 10 minute drive away.  I don’t see her a whole lot, but it is nice knowing she’s there growing food for the soul.

Today at lunch we celebrated Father’s Day, and Hyla’s birthday with a cheesecake and raspberry sauce.  My dad joined us, because every Wednesday, he comes up to the farm and works on ‘improving the look of the place’ near his tree nursery.  We think this will be his last year taking care of the nursery.  Every Wednesday Dad and I plant a couple of the trees around the farm.  Today we planted black walnuts, last week we planted Korean Stone Pines (for pine nuts), elderberries, and, heartnuts.  We’ve planted trees in hedgerows, for shade, and for wind protection.  Since moving here in ’93, about 500 trees have been planted.

Below are a few photos from this week on the farm:


Our fuzzy lunch guest


The Korean Stone pine we planted 12 years ago.


Harvesting the super-healthy mustard greens


Anna and Marisa in charge of carrot harvest from the hoop house


David and I have been making soup out of what remains of the frozen tomatoes.  With cream, croutons, and fresh dill, it is a real treat!


Marisa and Marshall weeding


A little bonus: Chamomile growing beside the hoop house


Beets getting dunked

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