Farm News

Here are a few photos to share from the farm…

Some people follow sports teams, I follow greens!  The overwintered kale is fantastic this spring.  Sweet and tender. Arugula will be next with its nutty, softly bitter, and slightly spicy taste.  Arugula is very good for the liver and helps improve digestion.  We had a feed of stinging nettle three days ago and I’ve been feeling energetic ever since. 🙂

Overwintered kale on right, and arugula on left

Mama goose, Spot, has been sitting on her eggs for 4 days now.  Only ~26 more days to go.  She will not leave that nest!  I think there are 15 eggs under there.  You go girl!  Meanwhile Papa goose, Big, is protecting his gal and her nest with everything he’s got.  I can’t get near her.  I took the photo through a hole in the barn floor upstairs.  You can tell she knows I’m spying on her.  I think it is all very romantic to have such an earnest new family in the making.  

It is quite different from the chicken scene around here.  A hen will try to find a private spot to lay and then sit on her eggs.  When they hatch, she’s on her own.  Sometimes several get broody at the same time, and the farm yard is filled with single moms with clutches of little chicks to fend for.  The rooster doesn’t seem to want to help out at all.  One white hen went broody in the chicken coop so I made her a nice home in the brooder coop behind the barn.  I gently placed her on a nest of 9 eggs, hoping she’d settle in.  Sometimes they don’t ‘take’ if conditions aren’t right.  This one got on the eggs, fluffed her feathers, and made all the right noises.  Only 21 days to go before hatching if all goes well.

None of the ewes have lambed yet.  They are still free to roam the farm, but we’ll be setting up their fencing very soon.  Hopefully before they discover garden goodies!

People are signing up for the Produce Packs.  See the Produce Pack page tab for more details.  We believe the Halifax pick-up location will be Victoria Park (bordered by South Park, University, and Spring Garden) and the Lower Sackville location will be on Sackville Drive near exit 2.  We will announce details very soon.

Tomato plants enjoying the sun


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